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No war will ever end the spirit of football

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Since 1953, Brahma beer has been the main partner of Brazilian football. It sponsored all the 27 regional federations, 35 of the main football clubs, including all Series A teams, and the Brazilian National team.

Although Brahma is the largest and the most traditional sponsor of Brazilian football, its history of social impact extends beyond the field.

Football is also the number one sport in Ukraine. And Brahma understands deeply the role a football team can have in culture.

Brahma, together with the Ukrainian community, pledged to keep FC Mariupol alive. To do this, Africa turned the A.A. Batel, the most traditional football team from the Prudentópolis Region, into FC Mariupol.

The tagline used the hashtag #FCMariupolLives to spread the core Brahma belief that: Football is not just a game. It is a vital necessity of our existence as humans. A common ground that bonds every single person on Earth.


The response has been extraordinary, with players, journalists, influencers, and football fans from around the world expressing their positive sentiments and support. The press in Ukraine, Brazil, the United States, and Spain, among others, have also highlighted the action.

Ultimately, the campaign highlights Brahma as the brand that understands football and generated:

· $123MM earned media

· 2.7B media impressions

· 99% positive mentions in social media

· +7pt life in ad awareness

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