A recruitment campaign that only the pros saw coming

DDB Paris | Volkswagen


Volkswagen Group France was in search of 1,000 mechanics and technicians all over the country.

To meet the ever-increasing demand of a qualified workforce, 80% of recruitments in this high turnover sector are made by approaching mechanics in their current workplace. To poach these talents from competing garages, classic recruitment tools like online ads, canvassing, specialized websites and recruitment agencies are almost always used.


In this particular campaign from DDB Paris consumers were directly in contact with the work, quite literally.

As job offers were engraved on car parts, the mechanics being targeting had the message in their hands. The rest were exposed to the message through social media and influencers who encountered the campaign and spread the message that Volkswagen was looking for the best mechanics. Not only were mechanics flattered at this direct approach but finding this offer was like a little treasure hunt.

The recruitment initiative generated more than six million impressions and 2.5 million views. Thanks to this campaign, more than 110,000 people connected to Volkswagengroup.fr/carriers (+153%) and the agency dedicated sorting résumés could no longer count the number of them (more than 53,705).

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